2013 NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show erhöht Gewinnsumme

Wie die NRHA-US heute mitteilte, werden die Gewinnsummen auf der diesjährigen “NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show”  erhöht. Grund hierfür werden die zahlreichen Nominierungen des Fohlenjahrgangs  2009 angegeben. Die NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show findet vom 14-20. April in Rieden/Kreuth statt. Meldeschluss ist 1. März 2013.

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2013 NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show

Kreuth, Germany
14-20 April
Online Entries  ::  Event ConditionsEntries Due March 1
Provided by Simona Diale – Kreuth, Germany – February 20, 2013 – If you’re wondering why the €200,000-added NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show is Europe’s most successful National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) event, all you need to do is check out the past four editions and look at how we’ve increased added money in the level 1 and level 2 open and non pro divisions of the NRHA European Futurity this year! Entries for the NRHA European Futurity are due March 1 with online entries available for the first time this year.Added Money IncreasesIn the Open Futurity, the level 2 open division has increased from €7,500-added to €10,500-added (or more) and the level 1 open division has grown from €3,500-added to €5,300-added (or more).For entries in the level 2 and level 1 non pro divisions of the KL Performance Horses Non Pro Futurity, the added money has increased slightly and the final increase is yet to be determined. Currently the added money is €4,500 (or more) for the level 2 non pro division and €2,200 (or more) for the level 1 non pro division.Reason for the IncreasesIn order for horses foaled in 2009 or later to enter the NRHA European Futurity when they are 4-year-olds, they must be nominated into the NRHA European Nomination Program. Thanks to the success of the program, the added money at the 2013 NRHA European Futurity has been increased. The reason for this increase is that foals may be nominated in the NRHA European Nomination Program, and are eligible to enter and show in the European Futurity, from their weanling year until they are four-year-olds.  This means that horses are still being nominated!

“The intention of the NRHA European Nomination Program was to create a solid base of added money for all levels of the NRHA European Futurity and Derby,” says Nick Cornellisens, NRHA European Programs Advisor.  “It is wonderful to see that with the support of both the smaller and larger European and American breeders, this goal is being accomplished. Thanks to the increase of the added money for the levels 1 and 2, and the European eligibility system, this year’s edition of the NRHA European Futurity is not only a great event for top reiners, but also very attractive for riders competing in every level. They too will have a chance to ride for more prize money.”

For all the NRHA European Nomination Program conditions, visit www.nrha.com.

Entries Due March 1

Entries for the Futurity are due March 1. Exhibitors now have the opportunity of entering online. Visit www.showmanager.eu to create an online account for entries and save €10 in office fees.

During the show, a full-slate of NRHA approved ancillary classes will also be offered including the $10,000-added Roleski Open and the $5,000-added Arcese Non Pro classes.

Admission is free to the public every day, including the Friday and Saturday Futurity Finals.

For further information, visit the official website: www.nrhaeuropeanfuturity.com.

2013 NRHA European Futurity Classes


  • €92,000-added Level 4
  • €35,000-added Level 3
  • €10,500-added (or more) Level 2
  • €5,300-added (or more) Level 1

KL Performance Horses

  • €36,000-added Level 4
  • €7,500-added Level 3
  • €4,500-added (or more) Level 2
  • €2,200-added (or more) Level 1


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