Youth Team-Luxembourg

In 2012, QHAL startet together with the WPR, to create a team for the ywc_color_logo_hi-resYWC 2012. After this hugh success with Team-Luxembourg, Luxembourg had quiet the same Youth-Team participating at the FEQHA European Youth Cup in 2013. Booth Teams were great, with a lot of success and a lot of fun. So now we are looking forward to have a Team for the YWC2014. I’m happy to see so a big interest to be in the Team-Luxembourg for the YOUTH WORLD CUP 2014.

Here some informations about:

List of nominations for the Team-Luxembourg:– Alessia Van Aken, Belgien, geb: 1999

– Julia Bastian, Luxemburg, geb: 1997

– Mathias Debruyne, Belgien, geb: 1996

– Janine Ketterer, Deutschland, geb: 1996

– Jens Leclerc, Belgien, geb: 1995

– Lise Lens, Belgien, geb: 1995

– Vanessa Reiffer, Luxemburg, geb: 1996

– Liz Stors, Luxemburg, geb: 1996

– Jim Stors, Luxemburg, geb: 1998

Trainer will be Judd and Jennifer Paul from Ohio, webside:

First Meeting is planed  the weekend of 23-24 november in the efteling, it is an amusment park in the netherlands.

Team-Training with Judd and Jennifer will be : February 6. to February 17. at  Jessy Goossens place, adress: ‘s Herensweg, B-2222 Itegem, Phone: 0032 472 92 93 12

Please look at facebook

Hope to see everybody soon

Marco Stors

International Director


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L-6695 Mompach


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