REINING – Full review of the FEI Rules for Reining

The FEI Rules for Reining Events were fully reviewed. The fourth edition, effective 1 January 2012, is now available on the FEI website.
The new FEI rules address a number of key issues thus bringing the discipline more in line with the other Non Olympic Disciplines of the FEI.
The main changes relate to:

  • The new Rules reflect the very clear stance taken by the FEI in terms of welfare of Reining horses. The new Rules clearly state what is and is not allowed during the warm-up and warm-down sessions, and the sanctions that by FEI officials for failure to observe the new Rules;
  • The star-rating of events now directly link to the competitive skill levels on three main levels – beginners, intermediates and advanced;
  • Organisers no longer need to provide minimum prize money at each level and it is hoped this will allow many more potential organisers to hold 1, 2 & 3* level events;
  • Riders must now qualify up through the star levels and there will be new patterns that similarly reflect differing levels of ability;
  • FEI Officials will also now carry a star-rating that will reflect their level of experience and qualification thereby matching athletes; and
  • Other areas of the rules that have been addressed are in respect of the rules for substitution of athletes and horses and restrictions on certain training movements within the arenas and warm up areas.

There are plans to hold seminars in Europe and the Americas in 2012 where the new rules will be discussed and the FEI will monitor events throughout 2012 in order to ensure the new rules reflect the wish for change expressed by many National Federations.

Reining Regeln ab 1.1.2012: