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Dr. Andrew Dren from Hungary new FEQHA-President

Posted: 27. Jan 2014, category: General, by: Susanne Ziegelmueller

FEQHA held Sunday January 26 our first 2014 meeting in Frankfurt following the AQHA European Summit. The main decisions from the meeting were as follows:

Show and Office Management of the European Championships.

Two management teams presented their ideas. The first team presenting was Michaela Kayser, Klaus Wichtmann and Markus Rensing. The second Team was Rainer Maierhofer representing himself and Renate Gruber. Gruber and Maierhofer have managed the show during the last six years. The FEQHA members had the opportunity to ask questions to both teams, which they did.

The members then voted in order to decide which of the teams they want to manage the championships in 2014.

The result was very clear and the Kayser, Wichtmann, Rensing team was elected for the job.


Poul Møller announced already one year ago his retirement. As new President Dr. Andrew Dren from the Hungarian Quarter Horse Association was elected.

Markus Müller announced at the meeting a wish to retire. As new Vice President Marco Stors from the Luxemburg Quarter Horse Association was elected.

Konrad Sosna from Germany was re-elected for a new term as Treasurer.

All members of the new Executive Committee were elected unanimously.

Auditors. New elected auditors were Dorothea Vascer from Slovenia as well as Ferruccio Badi from Italy. Johannes Orgeldinger accepted the election as support for any of the two.

After the FEQHA meeting the Executive Committee had its first working meeting with the new Management team for the European Championships planning the 2014 championships.