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Die AQHA teilt mit, dass die AQHA Website vom 15. bis 28

AQHA news logoFebruar auf das neue System 3.0 umgestellt wird. Wärend dieser Zeit können verschiedene Services nicht wie gewohnt angeboten werden. Probleme gibt es unter anderem bei der Onlineverlängerung der Mitgliedschaft, Anmeldung von Fohlen, Stallionbreedingreport etc. . Aber auch bei “Members Only” ist die 10USD für gratis Onlinerecherchen nur noch bis zum 15. Februar möglich. Nach dem 28. Februar wird dieser Service nicht mehr unter dieser Form angeboten. Der Orginaltext hier:

AQHA Database Tuneup

The AQHA database will be going through a major update.

The American Quarter Horse Association
February 1, 2013

AQHA news logoThe AQHA database houses millions of American Quarter Horse and member records.

As times change, technology requires updates, too, and the AQHA Information Technology Department wants to make sure AQHA stays on the cutting edge. To continue providing the best customer service in the business, it was time to tune up the AQHA database which houses millions of American Quarter Horse and member records. The AQHA offices have been undergoing a three-year overhaul of the database and its associated systems in an effort to improve member services.

What does this mean for members?  

Everything AQHA does is done with the member in mind. The update to the database is no exception.

This update will help the Association have customer service representatives who are able to better assist with questions and paperwork; provide more streamlined mail services; and much more.

Like any new technology, there may be bumps in the road along the way to a faster and better AQHA. As the transition begins to convert the old system to the new, members will find certain services on are unavailable. They may also experience an increased hold time when calling the office, and it may take a bit longer for a representative to answer questions. We anticipate that delays members may experience during the upgrade will subside as the transition is completed.

AQHA hopes members will agree these small inconveniences are worth it to ensure records are properly maintained, business transactions are supported and communication with customers is more efficient when the new database is launched.

As changes transpire, AQHA will provide more detailed updates on how the database upgrade will affect members on the website at

Specifics that members need to know:

  • AQHA’s online member services area will not be available February 15-28.
    • This means current members can’t renew a membership online and new members can’t join AQHA online. The ability to purchase a subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal, submit stallion breeding reports, register a foal, and conduct any online AQHA business etc. will be unavailable in the member services area.  After February 28, these services will resume as normal.
  • Paperwork submitted after February 1 will be delayed.
  • There will be some changes to the current $10 in complimentary Internet records research for members with the new system. For February only, the $10 will need to be used between February 1 and February 15. Between February 16 and February 28, this service will not be available. While the $10 in complimentary Internet records won’t be offered in the new system, AQHA will offer Internet records discounts each month for members.
  • AQHA Incentive Fund payouts will be slightly delayed. Members eligible for Incentive Fund payouts should expect checks to arrive in March.

If members have any further questions, please contact AQHA’s Customer Service department using the contact form or by calling (806) 376-4811.

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