AQHA Show Management Seminar

AQHA Showmanager Seminar January 2013Bericht und Foto: Lindsay Doel AQHA-UK

January 19-20th heralded possibly the worse weather we’ve had this winter in the South East.   However, it didn’t stop nearly 40 delegates from all over Europe travelling to Stansted Airport to attend the AQHA Show Management Seminar.

In order to run an AQHA sanctioned show, anywhere in the world you must have an AQHA Show Manager leading your show team who has attended a two day course run by AQHA.  This course makes sure that your show manager is aware of the AQHA rules, roles and how the American Quarter Horse Association expect and demand that their shows are run.

Once qualified, a show manager must renew their accreditation within 5 years in order to carry on their duties as a show manager.

The course on 19-20th January was lead by AQHA’s  Executive Director of Shows Patti Carter-Pratt assisted by Melynda Ackley, AQHA Director of  Competition Administration and proved to a valuable course to attend, with many benefits.

AQHA will be updated their full list of AQHA Show Managers HERE within the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we can confirm that the following attended and have either renewed or achieved their Show Manager qualification:

Lindsay Doel UK; David Teideman UK; Brian John Ayles UK; Jane Muir UK; Martin Taylor UK; Brocard Regis France; Albert Wiering Netherlands; Antoinette Hazeleger Netherlands; Cecile Alves France; Becky Pocock UK; Jennifer Sheerin UK; Estelle Jury France; Chantel Sagan France; Luc Schmitz Luxembourg; Patrick Pauly Luxembourg; Lars Olaf Jonsson Sweden; Monica Widh Sweden; Michael Carder UK; Judith Jones UK; Dave Heighton UK; Marco Stors Luxembourg; Kayreen Jones UK; Guro Skjeggerud Norway; Marianne Ostby-Deglum Norway; Lena Opsahl Norway; Heidi  Grønvold Norway; Tally Wade UK; Yvonne Pettersson Lundgren Sweden; Alan Payne UK; Marzia Bisegna Italy; Marco Mulargia Italy; Ferrucio Badi Italy; Sally Payne UK; David Deptford UK; Sarah Deptford UK; Sandra Mitchell UK; Lisa John UK.