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The inspiration for AQHA’s latest marketing campaign “promote our American Quarter Horse” came easy.

 Our marketing team simply asked itself, “What does our amazing American Quarter Horse do for us?”

Because of its versatility, its kindness, its gentleness and its willingness, our horse holds our hearts.

So, our promotions unfolded naturally, with heartfelt, high-quality imagery, a few simple words and a hashtag: #YouHoldMyHeart. Be watching for these promotions in industry magazines, on social media and in other key spaces.

And we kept our membership demographics in mind when sculpting our promotions:

  • 75.4 percent female
  • 80 percent ride for recreation and fun
  • 32 percent ride daily
  • 43 percent ride weekly
  • 47.3 percent classify themselves as recreational riders
  • 61 percent own one to five horses
  • 81 percent use Facebook and other social networks

We think we captured the feeling of American Quarter Horse ownership to a T, and we know that a simple hashtag – #YouHoldMyHeart – speaks volumes to all American Quarter Horse owners across the globe.

In fact, we’ve already received many touching testimonials through social media.

Tammy Jones of Virginia writes, “Having a horse was a childhood dream. I’m now in my 40s, and my husband and I just adopted two horses. Mine is a Quarter Horse, and it was love at first sight. My horse has not only fulfilled my dream but has filled a void in my life. I love him with all my heart.”

Heather Staley of Kansas told us, “Two years ago, my Quarter Horse mare brought me back to the show ring and the barrel racing pattern. I couldn’t ask for a better partner!”

Amanda Pender of Massachusetts writes, “My Quarter Horse is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my wings to fly. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

We look forward to hearing your #YouHoldMyHeart stories. Let the world know how much you love your American Quarter Horse via social media using #YouHoldMyHeart. It’s our dream that this campaign will help more people than ever before come to realize the pure joy of American Quarter Horse companionship.

At AQHA, we are committed to our members, because we know that you are committed to the horse that holds your heart – your American Quarter Horse.

Craig P. Huffhines