America’s Horse Goes Digital

America‘s Horse Goes Digital

Read the May issue of America’s Horse online for free.

The digital edition of The American Quarter Horse Journal, Journal Plus, debuted earlier this month as a supplement to the printed magazine, and now AQHA members can receive their America’s Horse magazine online, as well. Starting in May, the AQHA member publication can be read online anytime, anywhere.

As a special offer for the month of May only, all horse enthusiasts can access the digital version of the May America’s Horse. The May issue is a special recreational riding tribute, with tons of tips and tricks for enjoying your summer horseback.

We’re confident you’ll love what you see within the pages of AQHA’s member publication, and we think you’ll be inspired to join AQHA so you can continue to receive it. America’s Horse is one of the most popular AQHA member benefits, so make sure your AQHA membership is current so you can continue to enjoy the print and digital versions of this award-winning magazine.

In the meantime, check out the digital version of the May issue of America’s Horse today for FREE!

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